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IntroductionWhat’s Augen

Augen is the first-of-its-kind AI Wearable Company bringing general-purpose devices to enhance everyday life.

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At AugenWe put Humans First

  • 0.1Our Mission
    Enhancement of human experience
  • 0.2Our Vision
    Be the future of human enhancement technologies
  • 0.3Our Ambition
    Enhance everyday life
  • Industries
    Wearable & Neural technologies
  • Core Business
    AI Wearable technologies
  • Domain
0.4How We Talk
ehe ¹
Enhance Human Experience
hets ²
Human Enhancement Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Wearable Company
Meet Our

Wearable Devices

A1 Sense

We’re currently in Research & Development phase on two innovative devices that willEnhance everyday life.

Our Progress

The new Method

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Where the future is wearable

We blend innovation and insight to transform bold visions into reality, redefining the future of human enhancement with cutting-edge wearable technologies such as A¹ Sense, B¹ Eye, and A¹ Neuro.

These devices are not merely products; they are keys to unparalleled human augmentation. With a mission focused on enhancing the human experience, our company leads in the fields of Invisible Sense, Spatial, and Neural Computing, aiming for a future where technology amplifies human potential and makes every moment extraordinary.

* We are committed to developing Wearable & Neural Technologies that define the intelligence age.

Our Aim

A Radical Impact for Our Life

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The future lies in our hands

We aim to create advanced technological devices that are seamlessly integrated with the human body, ensuring stability in their use.

We always keep the end-users of our products in mind, prioritizing safety, accessibility, and reliability throughout our engineering process.

* Envisioning the future with a Pro-Human approach.


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Putting People First

Through the use of wearable technology, we aim to enhance human capabilities and generate a positive impact on the world.

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