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We are developing a wearable BCI for human-computer connection.

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We aim to seamlessly integrate our devices with human mind to amplify the quality of daily experiences.

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Augen will be deeply invested in this future, developing a wireless and portable BCI that will not only meet medical needs but will also seamlessly integrate into daily life.

Our vision extends beyond merely medical interventions; we are striving for a future where BCIs offer safer, more affordable, and wider-reaching applications.

Yet, we acknowledge the challenges. The spatial resolution of non-invasive technologies is yet to match that of implants. But with relentless research and development, we are optimistic about bridging this gap, pushing the boundaries of clinical applications and beyond.

Imagine a world where the risks associated with surgical interventions are eliminated, enticing not only patients but also healthy individuals seeking cognitive enhancements.

The potential of having a BCI that safely links our brains to computers could redefine human potential, allowing direct information downloads into our brains. At Augen, we're not just imagining that future; we're creating it.

In the evolving landscape of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), non-invasive wearables will mark a revolutionary shift towards seamless human-machine integration, promising to enhance cognitive functions without surgical risks.

These next-gen devices will transform learning, memory, and skill acquisition, offering a direct interface with the digital realm. Aimed at broadening accessibility, they will challenge traditional educational paradigms and redefine human potential.

However, navigating the ethical considerations and potential for cognitive inequality will be paramount. As technology progresses, ensuring these advancements will serve humanity's broader interests will necessitate collaboration across disciplines.

The future of non-invasive BCIs will not merely be technological but a vision of human evolution, where augmented cognitive capabilities will enrich our interaction with the world around us, pushing us towards new frontiers of innovation and creativity.


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Through the use of wearable technology, we aim to enhance human capabilities and generate a positive impact on the world.

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